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Guangzhou Yoyoung Biotech.CO.,Ltd(short for "Yoyoung"),founded in 2005,is specialized  in animal disease in vitro diagnostic (IVD) product development, production, sales and third-party inspection services. Our headquarter is located in Guangzhou International BioIsland,which enjoys a beautiful name with Bio-Medicine Manhattan. 

Moreover,we have acquired the reputation of National High Technology and Guangzhou Scientific and Technological innovation enterprise. Besides, Yoyoung were elected to be an Organization of Executive Member of The Branch of Diseases,CAAAV.In 2015, Yoyoung has designed and built national level modernized production base GMP for veterinary dagnostic products according to national standard. Until now, The GMP has pass dynamic acceptance test by Ministry of Agriculture and put into use.



  • Contact number:020-85545250 85546505
  • 廣州市國際生物島螺旋三路8號三期二棟第七層
  • Mail:yoyoung@yy-bio.com

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